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Bhan Kanom Thai Kanom Bueng Kem: Bhan Kanom Thai is a dessert shop located in a strip mall in the heart of LA's Thai Town. Immediately upon entering the store, you're struck by the wonderful smell of toasted coconut as multiple cooks prepare fresh traditional Thai treats. Along the walls are shelves of packaged snacks, from potato chips to dried seafood to wasabi peas, all from various asian countries and most of which I had never seen before. Many of their house-made pastries are pre-packaged in quantities of 6 or more, but I opted for the fresh ones available by the piece. Behind the counter, I watched as coconut creme was ladled onto crepe-like rounds on the griddle, then topped with shredded egg yolk. This dessert, called Kanom Buneg Kem, is then quickly pinched in the middle to form a hard-shell taco shape. The crispy thin crepe was reminiscent of a fortune cookie, with a faint vanilla flavor but much lighter texture, and the thin layer of coconut creme and shredded egg yolk were mildly pleasant and slightly savory. Very unique combination of crispy and creamy, sweet and salty. 4.0/5.0

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