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Du’s Donuts Ice cream sandwich : I really enjoyed the Pyggy sandwich I had at Byggyz, the newly opened sandwich shop in LES (NYC) from Wylie Dufresne’s dad Dewey. We decided to also try their one dessert option, an absurdly priced $7 ice cream sandwich made with Du’s donuts (the donut shop Wylie launched earlier in the year). Inside the ice cream sandwich is a marmalade ice cream, which, flavor-wise, had a satisfying tart flavor. Texturally, though, I found the sandwich as a whole to be a miss. The entire frozen treat is overly dense, so the donut doesn’t have the yielding moist texture that a quality warm donut carries with it, and the ice cream had become frosted on the exterior. The donut was dipped in a sort of chocolate crumble reminiscent of Carvel ice cream crunchies. Any dessert over $5 in a fast casual setting has to be really good to justify the cost, and unfortunately this ice cream sandwich is not. But definitely come for the sandwiches because they are great. 2.5/5.0

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