2017 09 02 12.07.21

Riska Corn Potage Corn Snack: There is nothing subtle about this Japanese fried snack. Shaped like onion petals, each bite combines the best of sour cream and onion with corn soup, a surprisingly sweet and savory combination that seems obvious in retrospect but refreshingly new at the same time. Intensely concentrated creamed-corn taste, like a powdered form of the liquid from canned corn. There's also small bits of dried parsley that cut through and round out the umami goodness. Airy, puffed consistency, with a texture that melts instantly on the tongue. Unequivocally and unapologetically delicious, MSG and all. The pinnacle of junk food, as far as I'm concerned. Purchased from Tokyo Fish Market in Berkeley. Have also seen at Umami Mart in Oakland (at a premium price), but you can purchase it from Amazon if you don't have a Japanese supermarket nearby. 5.0/5.0

tokyofishmarket 5.0 snack potage corn riska japanese exceptional