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Mr Bartley's Black and White Malted Milkshake: For my last official snack in Cambridge, I had to get one of Bartley's famous malted "frappes" (milkshakes). Over the 9 years I've lived in Cambridge, I've had their milkshake a few times, spaced several years apart. One of my earliest memories is going on a trip with a few members of my undergraduate dorm, walking from MIT to Harvard Square just to get milkshakes to go. Their legendary shakes are thick (and stay that way, due to the incorporation of soft serve instead of ice cream), and the malt is well worth the additional fee – it does a good job offsetting the sweetness of the shake, though it is still astoundingly sweet. Nonetheless, given its richness along with the infrequency in which I treat myself to this drink, I don't feel guilty for indulging. Their malted black and white milkshake is just the best. 4.5/5.0

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