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Swedish Fish Tails: Growing up, my family had a Costco membership, which we sparingly used for snacks and essentially never used for candy except for the one time my mom purchased a box of Swedish Fish. The box contained about 20 bags of the original red Swedish Fish, the individual rectangular bags you'd find at the checkout section of a gas station. While I liked Swedish Fish a lot, by the time we were done with that Costco pack, I really did not like Swedish Fish anymore. As an adult, I'd occasionally eat one in passing if someone else had a fun-size package at Halloween, but I never made a Swedish Fish purchase with my own money since then. On a recent trip to Safeway, I saw that Swedish Fish now had alternative flavors, a product offering I was unaware of as I basically never shop in the candy aisle. On a whim, I decided to give these dual-flavored fish a try, consisting of blue raspberry-strawberry, watermelon-pineapple, and raspberry-mango combinations. I made a few discoveries; first, I found that the serving size of Swedish fish is only 5 fish, with 23g of sugar in a single serving. Second, I found they are distributed by Mondelez from my home town in New Jersey. Third (and probably the most expected), the flavor combinations were honestly not very good – the blue raspberry in particular had a strange artificial flavor that reminded me a little bit of soap; the raspberry mango was the most mild; and the watermelon pineapple was the most tolerable and familiar, especially if you've had watermelon Jolly Ranchers. Overall, I don't plan to make another Swedish Fish purchase again for another couple decades. 2.0/5.0

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