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Mister Donut Sakura Mochi Donut: Cherry blossom season is about to start, and seasonal sakura-themed snacks are already being featured in snack aisles and specialty shops alike. Mister Donut, a popular donut chain in Japan (though originally from the US), has several special donuts for this occassion, each packaged in its own takeaway box with "misdo" branding. Every donut has a slightly different emphasis on either sakura, matcha, or white chocolate flavors. The sakura mochi donut I purchased builds on their classic ring mochi donut, which consists of eight donut holes arranged to look like a baby rattle. The sakura flavor had a pink interior cross section, white chocolate frosting, sakura glaze, and two streaks of matcha icing. Though the glaze was slightly tangy, like a cross between cherry and strawberry, the donut overall was very sweet, particular from the white chocolate frosting. The best part was the enjoyable chewy donut texture, which comes from their use of tapioca flour in the dough. Personally, I prefer the original glazed over this special edition flavor. 3.0/5.0

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