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Lotte Cheesecake Koala's March: The way this product sat on the shelves at my local kobini, I was initially drawn in by the cheesecake flavor before realizing it was also a special collaboration with Pokemon. These are standard Koala's March biscuits, shaped like koalas with an icing-like filling. With this collaboration, the cookies also feature prints of Pokemon as well as cute koalas doing random things (I found a koala caught in a UFO catcher in this box, something I suspect I wouldn't find in America). I liked Pokemon Red growing up, but I didn't recognize most of the pocket monsters as the number of species has ballooned since my teenage years. The cheesecake is surprisingly identifiable, largely because it captures a more savory take on what could be a very sweet cake. It almost tasted more cheese like than cheesecake like. Purchased at Aeon. 3.5/5.0

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