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酷覓星 Bubble Milk Tea Cake: While I purchased this product in Tokyo, these bubble tea cakes are from the original land of bubble tea: Taiwan. The snack, which cost a little over $5, comes in nice packaging, containing a slide-out tray that's a nice display if you're entertaining or sharing with friends. The cakes are individually wrapped and are disappointingly small, no bigger than 2" in their longest dimension. They are most definitely smaller than most pineapple cakes, which are the most similar type of snack in form factor. It has a crumbly, buttery outer coating, one that necessitates eating over a plate to avoid an inevitable pile of crumbs. Its flavor tastes authentically of Earl Grey Tea, herbal and slightly bitter. On the inside is a chewy filling, a bit dense, that accordingly to the package contains chewy "boba," but the texture of any sort of round tapioca is indiscernible. The flavor itself is actually quite satisfying and does nicely capture the taste of bubble milk tea. I think it's worth trying for this reason, but it is very pricy especially given the small portion size, at over $1 a cookie. 3.5/5.0

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