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三都屋商事 豆せいぞろい Rice Cracker Mix: I've always loved Japanese rice crackers, and these are the most colorful and delicious variety I've had. The rice balls are all glazed with soy and each contain a single roasted peanut; this mix has a variety of surprising flavors – some are covered in toasted sesame seeds, others with flecks of nori mixed with a seafood flavor reminding me of a milder shrimp cracker, my favorite almost looks like it's covered in moss, with a deep seaweed flavor, and there's even one that is slightly sweet and tastes of peanut butter. They're substantially sized and have an ideal amount of crunch. I wasn't able to find the exact brand, but I was able to translate the distributor, and I purchased this bag at the grocery store Seijo Ishii. I used to purchase the Japan Mix bulk rice crackers from Berkeley Bowl all the time, and this is like a next level version of it, with crackers that are 1.5x the size and with even deeper earth tone colors and savory deliciousness. I couldn't fault them at all, so it's a rare 5.0! 5.0/5.0

exceptional japanese seijoishii 豆せいぞろい rice cracker mix 5.0