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Morinaga 俺の白くま beverage: This cute packaging caught my eye, with a familiar polar bear face I've seen on popsicles everywhere from convenience stores to supermarkets. Though I haven't tried the popsicles before, they seem to feature a variety of fruits along with red bean, all in a milky white bar. The combination of flavors always seemed like they wouldn't necessarily go well together, which is why I hadn't felt a strong desire to try them up to this point. I found this carton in between the milk and yogurt sections of the grocery store and discovered that it's a seasonal item, only available in the summer. The flavor of the drink is super sweet and concentrated, reminiscent of the melted contents on the bottom of an asian shaved ice treat where fruit syrup, condensed milk, and red bean all combine into a soupy mixture. The beverage does accurately capture all of those flavors, particularly the red bean and non-descript fruit flavors. Because of its intense sweetness, I couldn't drink a whole cup and would just have sips at a time. This purchase was really for cultural research purposes, rather than enjoyment. 2.5/5.0

drinks japanese inegaya morinaga 俺の白くま beverage 2.5