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Chichiasu 毎朝快調ヨーグルト: I wasn't expecting to write a review of this yogurt, having now tried several brands of plain yogurt in a sad attempt to counteract the inevitable effects that stay-at-home measures have had on my BMI. But amidst the blur of blue-and-white-labelled standard yogurts was this gem, literally translated to english as Good Morning Yogurt, which is definitely not just a plain yogurt. Sized like kids yogurt, which seems common in Japan, this yogurt pack tastes like a yogurt version of Yakult, the sweet fermented children's beverage of my youth. It doesn't strike me as being plain or even healthy, given how sweet it is (though it isn't as concentrated as the little milk jugs), but it's definitely more on the dessert-side of breakfast items. Still, if you like Yakult, you'll likely enjoy this creamy, soft yogurt option. 3.0/5.0

3.0 毎朝快調ヨーグルト chichiasu inegaya japanese recommended