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Kellogg's Hershey Matcha ChocoBIts: It's fun to discover new products and brands in Japan, but there are also a lot of familiar brands offering different items especially for the Japanese market. You can find Kellogg's cereal, for example, but I've never heard of ChocoBits in the states, and I've definitely never had matcha-flavored cereal. The product photography is pretty misleading for this one. The square chocolate nuggets have a more muted tan-ish brown color and are unglazed; the matcha inside is more like a hardened icing rather than a moist filling. Overall, it had a surprisingly salty flavor, which I think comes from the cereal exterior. The matcha icing tasted kind of like generic matcha flavoring, which is to say mostly sugar. The nuggets are dense enough that all of the cereal sinks to the bottom of the bowl when milk is added, making the floating pieces shown in the packaging nearly impossible. Would not purchase again. 2.0/5.0

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