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Lotte とろ~りれん乳三昧 苺れん乳 Strawberry Kakigori Popsicle: These are unique popsicles that could only be manufactured through modern food science. They consist of a milky outer coating, made with Hokkaido milk, that encapsulates multiple layers. At the top is a viscous syrup, which has a slight tropical pineapple flavor to me though perhaps it's just a type of acidic milk – with my first popiscle, the liquid layer came as a surprise when it came pouring out. Underneath the syrup is a strawberry popsicle, somewhere between a freeze pop and fruit bar in texture, definitely reminiscent of shaved ice that it's intending to mimic. I've never had a combination of milk pop, frozen ice, and syrup all in one single frozen treat. Flavor-wise, though, I didn't really like it - the pineapple and strawberry flavors didn't work for me. But just in terms of technical execution, I was impressed. There are other flavors, so I'm going to try them and see if there might be one I can recommend. 3.0/5.0

3.0 popsicle kakigori strawberry 苺れん乳 とろ~りれん乳三昧 lotte frozen dessert naniwaya japanese