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New New York Club Rainbow Bagel with Strawberry Cream Cheese: There's a small bagel shop close to me designed to look like a NYC bagel shop, replete with white and blue tiles, metal shopping baskets filled with Skittles, and a neon Bagel sign in the window. I hadn't considered that bagels were available in Tokyo but I guess why not, so I decided to see how well it stacked up compared to real New York bagels. I got the most NYC and Japanese combination I could imagine: a rainbow bagel, in an intense purple, blue, and red swirled color palette, filled with strawberry cream cheese and sliced strawberries, a common sandwich type you can get in Japan. The bagels are hand-made in the shop, and they taste freshly made but just aren't that good. The texture was decently chewy, but overall it was a little dry and had a bit of an off flavor, like there was too much flour added. The strawberry filling was more savory than sweet; the strawberries, while very red, were mostly tart and lacking in taste. Overall, it definitely was not good enough for me to try any other option, even if perhaps their savory cream cheese are better. It also cost quite a lot compared to regular meals in Japan, at about $8. 2.0/5.0

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