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Bake Cheese Tart Original Cheese Tart: While walking through Tokyo station, I came across this small shop with a sizeable, but not intimidatingly-so, line and the aroma of baked goods. They specialize in cheese tarts, some flavored with chocolate or seasonally with strawberry, but I went for the original, which is a little smaller than a typical Portguese / Chinese egg tart. The pastry base is twice baked, and the interior is largely cream cheese that has a baked browned crust of brueleed cheese. The texture of the cheese underneath its baked crust is unlike anything I've ever had, like sublimated cheese; not quite liquid, not quite solid, it was set, but only just so. Very original and impressively done at a large scale. Overall, the flavor was definitely on the rich side, so I wouldn't want to each much of it - which was perfect because the tart is pretty small. I think this snack shines more for the texture than its cream cheese flavor, which reminds me a bit of the cheese milk tea you can now get at a lot of asian bubble tea shops. A single tart cost a little more than $2 USD. 3.5/5.0

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