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Mu Mu Muesli Museli Cereal: While not literally crunchy, this muesli is textbook hippie, made with organic whole oats, dried cranberries, dates, coconuts, and raisins, along with almonds and flaxseed, all enclosed in a paper-based bag that feels like it's from a specialty market. On the back of the packaging is a map of the continental United States, listing exactly which state the various ingredients came from (e.g., the rolled oats and wheat flakes are from Iowa). It was pretty pricy, at a little over $6 from the Coop, which already offers products at a discount. But it does taste very wholesome and is certainly of high quality. I personally prefer museli with a bit more texture, as this particular type becomes very soft when eaten cold with cereal (the Steinbacher museli I've rated here from Berkeley Bowl is still my favorite, with crunchy corn flakes and more exotic dried fruit tossed into the mix). But this one is the best I've found here and is worth a try. 3.5/5.0

mumumuesli muesli 3.5 parkslopefoodcoop organic cereal recommended