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Suzie's Organic Saltines with salt and extra virgin olive oil: Though I've been maintaining Tasty Snacking for 6 years now, I haven't written a single review of saltines, though I've eaten them many times on off days. I realized it's largely because I typically purchase the Nabisco "Premium" saltines, which are adequate in their expected blandness – they manage to be both contradictorily crispy and soft, and they quickly dissolve into a soggy nothingness that makes them easy to digest. My stomach hasn't been doing so well over the past few days, so I picked up these organic saltines from the Park Slope Food Coop wondering what the different in taste might be. I'm excited to say that these saltines are game changing. They are perfectly toasted, which lends it not only a crispier texture but also a distinct toasty flavor. The amount of olive oil and salt is judicious. (I tend to buy unsalted saltines because I find them to be too salty, but these are perfect as is). And they come in portion packs with 12 crackers each, which feels generous but ends up being just right for a filling snack (at 120 calories). Also, according to the package, they are from Italy! I will never buy Nabisco saltines again as long as Suzie's are available to me. 4.5/5.0

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