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Keki Matcha cheesecake: My company lets us pick our birthday-treat-of-choice. I learned my lesson last year, when I requested my favorite dessert (mochi) but found there weren't good ways to order it fresh in NYC. This year I went for a local favorite instead: Keki cheesecake, which was introduced to me by my RC Food Club friends. My indoctrination to Keki was through their original Japanese cheesecake, which has an excellent light and fluffy texture, but we also ordered their matcha 'fancy' cake to try. It costs more than three times as much as the original and requires some sitting at room temperature to soften it after refrigeration. The entire cake is dusted in matcha powder; on the inside, it's a two-layered cake, with a regular cheesecake base and green matcha layer on top. Even with about 3 hours of remaining at room temp, the texture was pretty dense, which made it more like a regular cheesecake than a Japanese one. Still, it had a solid bitter matcha flavor which paired well with the creaminess of the cheesecake. My favorite is still the original, though, which is not only a better value but also is ensured to have a bouncy, airy texture -- without any wait. 3.0/5.0

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