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Aguas Frescas La Gotita Limonada con Chica: We purchased this drink after waiting two hours in line for goat tacos at the Taco Y Birria food truck in LA's Boyle Heights. I hadn't previously heard of the combination of chia seeds and lemonade, but it turns out it's a traditional Mexican drink called Chia Fresca. The massive 32 oz bottle, similar in size and just a tad lighter than my hand weights, contains 4 servings of lemonade with 44g of sugar each. Surprisingly, even with the high sugar content, it came off as a bit watered down, but still a decent accompaniment for the savory tacos. The chia seeds, light grey in color, had absorbed a lot of the liquid, so they were soft in texture. I wanted to find out more about the beverage brand, whose website is proudly hosted on Wix, but beyond the flavors they offer, I could find little information about where the company is based, and where else you might be able to get their drinks. So, you could wait 2 hours in line for pretty good tacos and this chia lemonade, but I wouldn't recommend doing so. 2.5/5.0

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