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Peach Mart Super Dogs: These mini corn dogs are about the size of a donut hole and taste exactly as you would expect, with a sweet batter and savory hot dog interior. Overall, the snack is moist and satisfying, but the best part was definitely the sharp spicy mustard it came with – a small amount was potent and really lifted the fried snack to new levels. These super dogs cost $4 for a sampling of 5 pieces. Purchased at the new Momofuku Peach Mart at the Hudson Yards mall, a "convenient store" serving a selection of Asian packaged snacks alongside fresh to-go items like sandwiches and kimbap, as well as miscellaneous supplies (e.g., Tide Pens and mini-Vaseline). I was too excited about the patterned packaging that I admittedly didn't do a great job of photographing the snack itself, but please swipe (at least on Instagram) to view the corn dogs at the "pass." 3.5/5.0

3.5 dogs super peachmart nyc recommended