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Moge Tee Cheese Rose Oolong Tea with Boba: I passed by Moge Tee on Christmas evening and was surprised to find a bubble tea shop open at 10pm. They were out of their normal milk teas, so I got one of these cheese-foam options, which seems to be growing in popularity at bubble tea shops more generally. The rose oolong tea, at a quarter sweetness, had a pleasantly floral flavor that still tasted strongly of oolong tea, and the boba had a quality springiness without being overly soft. I think the cheese flavor didn't work consuming the beverage from a straw, as I was left with a rich, slightly salty foam when I finished the drink, which was too much to have on its own. Still, the quality of the tea was good enough that I would check this place out again in the future. The drink came in a surprisingly sturdy plastic cup. Moge Tee is right next to Cooper Union in Manhattan. 3.5/5.0

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