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Trader Joe's Matcha Almond Beverage: I was really excited to see this Matcha-flavored almond milk at Trader Joe's because I've recently become accustomed to making chia-seed pudding at home, which requires the use of non-dariy milk. As a beverage on its own, it's just ok - the matcha doesn't have the distinct bitterness of a quality matcha drink, but it does taste familiar. They're like the Trader Joe's Matcha Joe Joes - they're perfectly enjoyable as a snack but the matcha flavor is not very good if you really judge it solely on that basis. But as a basis for chia-seed pudding (2 cups of matcha almond milk + 6 tablespoons of chia seeds), it's great because you don't need to add additional sweeteners (the drink has 6g of sugar per serving). Chia seed pudding made with this drink tastes good on its own for breakfast or dessert. Of course, this review is solely based on how the drink tastes on its own, but if you like chia seed pudding, I recommend using it as the base. 3.0/5.0

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