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Yida Haw Cheese: As a child, I imagined if I needed to sustain myself on my paltry allowance, I could afford to live off Haw Flakes, a traditional Chinese candy consisting of stacks of purple-red discs (think Necco wafers, but thinner), costing about fifty cents for a pack of 10 rolls. They taste like strawberry fruit leather and are made of a Chinese fruit called hawthorn. Texturally, it's hard but then slightly chewy at the first hint of moisture. This individually wrapped candy from Yia is a different take on Haw Flakes than I'd had before; thicker rectangular pieces of haw flakes are sandwiched between layers of a sticky hawthorn-flavored "jam," reminiscent of an uncoated Sunkist Fruit Gem. It tastes like an ultra-concentrated Haw Flakes: very sugary and just a little tart. I liked that it felt much more substantial to bite into than a Haw Flake. No trace of cheese, as far as I could tell. 3.5/5.0

recommended candy yida haw cheese 3.5