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OO Tea Jasmine milk tea with boba: OO Tea is a Taiwanese import of the brand “Wushiland.” As far as I know, there are only two locations in the US: one in a San Gabriel strip mall in LA and another in a Ranch 99 in San Diego. I went to the latter, which was an unassuming bubble tea stand without any seating; my order was taken in Mandarin, not English. Wushiland uses organic milk for their milk teas and it shows. I ordered their jasmine milk tea and found it to be the single best version of milk tea that I’ve ever had in the states. At 25% sweetness, it was still pretty sweet, but it had a very distinct floral jasmine tea flavor and creamy finish. The boba was perfectly chewy and seemed to have been flavored with honey. They gave a very generous amount of boba such that there was much left even after finishing the drink. If you’re close to this Bubble Tea Shop, it is not to be missed. 4.5/5.0

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