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Tretap Organic maple sparkling tree water: I'm conflicted about this drink because, on the one hand, it tastes shockingly accurate, with a deeply sweet maple flavor that somehow only lends 3g of sugar per serving, yet I'm not sure why anyone would want an entire 12oz can of sparkling, liquid maple syrup. If that person is you, check this drink out. If not, take comfort in knowing it would taste exactly as you would expect it to. 3.0/5.0

drinks soda vermont tretap organic maple sparkling tree water 3.0
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Ginza Tokyo Sugar Butter Sand Tree cookies: Japanese sandwich cookies with a dense, crunchy exterior (somewhat flaky when you bite through it) and a cloyingly sweet icing in the middle reminiscent of cereal milk. Nice packaging, but disappointing flavor. 2.5/5.0

japanese cookie sugarbuttersandtree 2.5 foreign ginzatokyo sugar butter sand tree cookies