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Purity Organic honey green tea: A simple tea that is refreshing chilled but overly sweet for my taste (17g sugar per serving). Similar overall to the Honest Tea equivalent. Transparent list of wholesome ingredients. 3.0/5.0

purityorganic organic drinks honey tea greentea 3.0 green
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Taim pomegranate honey iced tea: Sharp, acidic flavor that also manages to be overly sweet. Out of balance. A shame, because I like most other things from Taim. 2.0/5.0

taim drinks pomegranate tea honey 2.0 iced
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Kung Fu Tea honey green tea: Accidentally ordered this one with full sugar level, and it was insanely sweet. I also think it wasn't mixed properly because the first half was sweeter than the second. Boba was on the soft side. Honey overpowered the green tea. From KFT in Allston. 2.0/5.0

honey greentea bobatea bubbletea kungfutea allston 2.0 drinks tea green
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Kung Fu Tea Citron Tea: Made from jarred citron tea mix, this is nonetheless a refreshing citrus tea with rinds of lemon / orange. Boba was on the soft side but decent. Quickly learning that quality control varies a lot among the KFTs in Boston. This one in Boston on Mass Ave near the Christian Science Church is alright. 3.0/5.0

tea citron citrus orange lemon bubbletea drinks boba kungfutea 3.0 boston
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KDP Corn Silk Tea: This calorie and sugar-free tea has a rich flavor reminiscent of barley tea. It isn't one of the better teas I've purchased from Hmart, but it's not bad per se. Tastes a little bit syrupy. 2.5/5.0

cornsilktea drinks korean hmart tea corn 2.5 kdp silk
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163 Vietnamese Sandwich milk tea with boba: When I end up in Chinatown, I always attempt to find a decent bubble tea shop. Did I find it in this highly rated spot? Alas, no. The tea was diluted, the sugar crystals not fully dissolved such that every few sips, I'd get a crunch. The boba was even worse, with a mushy texture that was far too soft. Which leaves me with the question: is there any decent bubble tea to be found in Boston's "Chinatown"? 1.5/5.0

boba bubbletea milktea boston chinatown avoid 1.5 tea drinks 163vietnamesesandwich milk