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Kung Fu Tea honey black tea with boba: Half a year ago, I posted a positive review of the newly opened Kung Fu Tea in Somerville (Davis Square), with particular praise for their boba. I've since returned several times and have found the quality has dropped significantly. For my last visit, I had half-sugar honey black tea, which was fine, but the boba was mushy and soft. As a result, I am removing my endorsement of KFT Davis. 2.5/5.0

kungfutea somerville boba milktea 2.5 drinks honey blacktea tea black
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Third Street peach black tea: A sweet tea with a satisfying herbal aftertaste. I would prefer less sugar (there is an unsweetened version, but it wasn't available where I purchased this bottle). 3.0/5.0

tea drinks 3.0 fairtrade organic thirdstreet peach black
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Boba Guys black milk tea with boba: An import from the Bay Area, Boba Guys recently opened shop on Clinton St. In NYC. The shop features teas made with organic ingredients and mostly housemade toppings. I usually assess bubble tea shops with a classic black milk tea with boba, and I requested mine with 25% sugar. The boba was excellent-in the top 5% I've had. Still firm but chewy, with a fairly neutral flavor. The milk tea had a nice balance between creamy and herbal, but I think I would get 50% sweetness next time. 4.0/5.0

bobaguys bobaguysnyc boba bubbletea blackmilktea tea drinks tapioca nyc 4.0 recommended black milk
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Kung Fu Tea brown sugar ginger tea with boba: This hot beverage evolved over time, but for the worse. I really liked how the ginger flavor was prominent and unforgiving-perfect for cold winter nights. But as I progressed to the bottom of the cup, the drink became overly sweet. And the boba was terrible (far too mushy). For the tea alone, it was a 3.5, but with the boba, it comes down to a 3.0. 3.0/5.0

kungfutea tea boba drinks asian ginger brownsugar 3.0 brown sugar
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Happy Lemon passion fruit green tea with lychee jelly: My love for this chain brought me to the deep abyss of the Downtown Crossing Corner Mall food court, a ragbag of fast food joints including the likes of Subway, Dunkin Donuts, and suspect Asian fare. As I navigated through the bleak aroma of fried teriyaki, the bright yellow Happy Lemon sign materialized like a beacon of hope. The counter had several dentist-sized cups filled with a Yakult-flavored drink with aloe; the sampling was overly sweet, but I attributed this mostly to the Yakult pro... (read more) 2.5/5.0

happylemon drinks boston lychee passionfruit tea juice 2.5 passion fruit green jelly
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Ito En Oi Ocha unsweetened green tea: A favorite at sushi restaurants, this bottled green tea drink is refreshing and thirst quenching, especially when chilled. The packaging says Japan's #1 green tea brand, but closer inspection reveals this product is made in Taiwan. A classic and pure tea product. 4.0/5.0

itoen tea greentea drinks japanese taiwanese recommended 4.0 oi ocha unsweetened green