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Michel et Augustin Milk chocolate and melt caramel shortbread cookie squares: About the size of a candy bar, this snack consists of four 1.5" square-shaped shortbread cookies, each with a generous milk chocolate well and a thin layer of stretchy salted caramel sandwiched underneath. Definitely one of the best store-bought cookies I've ever purchased. The shortbread have a perfect snap, and the balance of sweet and savory is ideal. Even though the caramel is thin, it has a rich, buttery flavor and flakes of salt that add texture. The cookies are made in France and ... (read more) 4.5/5.0

exceptional cookies sweets biscuit shortbread chocolate milkchocolate micheletaugustin milk melt caramel cookie squares 4.5 parkslopefoodcoop
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Honolulu Cookie lilikoi mango cookie: Buttery pineapple-shaped shortbread with dried tropical fruit at the center. Shortbread is crumbly and very rich. Cookie overall has a unique tropical flavor. Sold individually, on the pricy side. 3.5/5.0

cookie honolulucookie shortbread lilikoi mango sweets tropical 3.5
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Honolulu Cookie's Hawaiian fruit shortbread cookie: An assortment of pineapple shaped cookies, each with a piece of dried fruit at the center. Individually wrapped. The pineapple flavored one I had was very good. The shortbread was buttery and crumbly, and the dried fruit was flavorful with just the right amount of sweetness. 4.0/5.0

honolulucookie Hawaiian recommended cookie fruit pineapple sweets honolulucookies shortbread 4.0
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ChikaLicious petits fours: Perfectly executed bites. Incredibly light and fluffy marshmallow that melts almost instantly, chocolate covered in toasted coconut whose flavor develops over time, and shortbread biscuit topped with an airy cream and candied pistachio. Indulgent, clean flavors. Not to be missed. 5.0/5.0

chikalicious les chocolate marshmallow coconut shortbread cream pistachio nyc exceptional petits fours 5.0 petitsfours
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Big Island Candies Shortbread cookies: I was given this assortment of shortbread cookies as a present from visitors from Hawaii. Individually wrapped cookies, some dipped in chocolate, and all containing macadamia nuts. Also a chocolate covered brownie. As I wasn't able to sample most of them, I won't give a rating, but the shortbread I had was buttery and satisfying. Macadamia nuts add crunch and texture. Nice packaging.

cookies big island Hawaiian bigislandcandies shortbread
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Berger Cookies Fudge + shortbread cookie: Fudge + shortbread cookie combined into one by Berger Cookies. Necessitates eating in small doses. 2.5/5.0

bergercookies fudge + shortbread cookie 2.5