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2017 04 09 13.44.13

Coppenrath Traveller Vanilla Cookies on Tour: Purchased the vanilla flavor of these cookies after enjoying the caramel one. The vanilla is much more standard and run of the mill, but still has a decent crumbly texture and good value (the bag can last me more than a week and costs less than $3). If you're going to pick a flavor, though, I would definitely go with the caramel. 2.5/5.0

berkeleybowl sweets coppenrathtraveller vanilla cookies on tour 2.5
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Stonyfield Organic strawberry Fruit on the Bottom yogurt: A fairly standard take on strawberry yogurt. Nothing offensive, but nothing distinctive either. 2.5/5.0

yogurt stonyfield organic strawberry fruitonthebottom fruit berries 2.5 stonyfieldorganic on bottom
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Stonyfield Organic blueberry fruit on the bottom yogurt: I took advantage of a recent 5 for $4 sale at Whole Foods, which is why I've been reviewing so many Stonyfield yogurt products. I'm beginning to regret it now, though. This blueberry yogurt is too sweet, and its consistency is too runny, but I did like how it contained small whole blueberries rather than blueberry "pulp." 3.0/5.0

stonyfieldorganic yogurt organic blueberry wholefoods snac 3.0 fruit on bottom
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United's Bistro on Board's chicken and swiss focaccia: In a moment of weakness and extreme hunger (and after an hour delay on a ~6 hour flight) I gave into paying almost $10 for an in-flight meal. What I received was surprisingly edible. The focaccia had a strong tomato flavor, not too dissimilar from a hot pocket, and the chicken was actually not that dry. The bread sticks to the back of your teeth like most frozen meals. The sandwich came scalding hot, probably straight from the microwave. Definitely an overpriced, (likely) frozen meal, but p... (read more) 2.5/5.0

united sandwich focaccia chicken uniteds bistro on board's swiss 2.5