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Strangelove ginger beer: Organic ginger soda from Australia that reminds me of Reeds in terms of potency but is more well rounded with notes of cinnamon and lemon. Potent ginger flavor is refreshing, with good level of carbonation. The packaging is blatantly honest: "Just like homemade only mass produced." 4.0/5.0

soda ginger gingerbeer organic strangelove drinks australia 4.0 recommended beer
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Maine Root spicy ginger brew: Stronger than your typical ginger beer. A good amount of sugar (40g per bottle) but the sweetness balances the gingery sharpness. Carbonation level is light. A solid drink that's conveniently accessible. 3.5/5.0

soda gingerbeer ginger drinks maineroot 3.5 recommended spicy brew
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Trader Joe's ginger beer: Last year, I attempted to purchase this drink only to find that the seasonal product was sold out. Seeing it on the shelves this time around, I was especially excited to try it. I'm picky about my ginger beers, and this one is good. Surprisingly robust, spicy ginger flavor for a mass market audience. Good amount of carbonation and citrus. Worth checking out. 4.0/5.0

drinks gingerbeer recommended traderjoes ginger soda beer 4.0
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Barritts ginger beer: A light ginger beer from Bermuda that doesn't have a strong ginger flavor, but leaves a mild and pleasant spicy aftertaste. Very refreshing. 3.5/5.0

gingerbeer barritts bermuda soda drinks ginger beer 3.5
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Saranac Ginger Beer: Ginger beer from upstate NY. Good level of ginger spice. Could do with more carbonation and a little less sugar. 3.5/5.0

saranac ginger gingerbeer soda drinks recommended beer 3.5
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AJ Stephans Ginger Beer: A refreshing and bright ginger soda that is potent but not overly so. Fairly balanced in terms of sweetness. From Boston. 3.5/5.0

ginger gingerbeer soda ajstephans boston recommended jamaican beer 3.5