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Happy Lemon Dragonfruit slush with salted cheese cream: A seasonal drink from Happy Lemon featuring a caffeine-free fruit slush topped with salted cheese foam. The dragon fruit has a refreshingly tart flavor, like berries and kiwi combined, and the slight savor ones of the cream gives it a great balance, like salted whipped cream. One of my favorite fruit slush drinks of recent memory. 4.5/5.0

exceptional drinks happylemon dragonfruit slush salted cheese cream 4.5
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Jin+Ja dragon fruit soda: Spicy and fruity ginger soda containing cayenne pepper, ginger pulp, dragon fruit, and passion fruit. Excellent soda for those who think ginger soda tends to be too tame. Sweetness is just right and overall, the drink is very well balanced. Pricy but worth it. 4.5/5.0

jinja ginger soda exceptional passionfruit dragonfruit drinks spicy dragon fruit 4.5