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2017 01 21 16.15.46

Mai's Bakery Banh Tu Quy: An assortment of generously-sized glutinous-rice-flour-based desserts purchased from Saigon Sandwich in the Tenderloin, SF. More gelatinous and firm than typical mochi desserts, it has a consistency somewhere between mochi and jello. All four in this combo pack had a mild mung bean or taro filling, two were coated in shaved coconut, and the black had an herbal jelly flavor. The best was the chestnut-colored mochi with coconut, but all were tasty in their own right. Good value; tastes home... (read more) 3.5/5.0

recommended mochi chinese vietnamese desserts maisbakery banh tu quy 3.5
2016 11 24 13.33.00

Honeymee Honeymee Milk Ice Cream and Raw Honey: Honeymee's namesake dessert is a milk ice cream drizzled with raw honey topped with a cube of honeycomb, all served in a branded plastic cup. The milk ice cream is an excellent neutral base – creamy, barely sweetened, and aerated - the closest in texture to soft serve of any ice cream I've had. It makes eating the honey more manageable, but together, it's still overly sweet, especially if you leave the honeycomb until the end. You could just purchase the milk ice cream on its own, but wit... (read more) 3.0/5.0

desserts icecream losangeles honeymee milk ice cream raw honey 3.0
2016 07 21 18.17.53

Japonaise Bakery Green Tea Cake: Located on Beacon Street in Brookline, this small bakery has an assortment of pastries as well as packaged Japanese snacks. Their green tea cake is multi-layered, with green tea creme and a layer of gelatin on top. While the matcha flavor was not bad, the cake was a bit dry, and the gelatin was largely for texture (it didn't have much flavor). It looked better than it tasted. 3.0/5.0

matcha desserts japonaisebakery green tea cake 3.0
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Momofuku Milk Bar strawberry lemon cake truffles: Purchased in packs of three, these truffles have a cake-like candy coating and dense lemon interior. The strawberry crumble was too sweet, while the lemon truffle was tart. Overall, the flavors did not quite come together. 2.0/5.0

momofuku milkbar desserts truffle strawberry lemon sweets 2.0 momofukumilkbar cake truffles
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Ciao Bella key lime graham squares: Thick ice cream sandwiches with a tart and creamy key lime ice cream between soft honey graham crackers. While I thought the crackers were good, the lime flavor was too strong for my taste. 2.5/5.0

ciaobella icecream desserts keylime 2.5 key lime graham squares
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Paris Baguette cafe mocha roll: Asian roll cake with a prominent but not overpowering coffee flavor. Filling is rich and contains nuts that provide texture. Cake is moist and satisfying. 3.5/5.0

cake mocha parisbaguette rollcake desserts sweets recommended cafe roll 3.5