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Siggi's Blueberry filmjolk drinkable yogurt: One of the characteristics I appreciate the most about Siggi's yogurt is that they're barely sweet. Their drinkable yogurt has significantly more sugar than their yogurt, though, at 17g per serving, roughly equalling that of other brands. I personally would prefer less sweet, but this is still a quality product: balanced consistency that's neither too thick nor too thin and sharp berry flavor. 3.5/5.0

drinks dairy siggis blueberry filmjolk drinkable yogurt 3.5
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Traderspoint Creamery Banana Mango Yogurt: Made with organic milk from grassfed cows, this creamy yogurt has a distinct aftertaste that I haven't experienced before with other yogurts. Slightly sour but also faintly sweet, the closest ingredient I can compare it to is hay. Its on the watery side ("European style") so that when you tip the clear glass container, you can see the liquid flow easily from side to side. I'm unsure if there is any benefit to storing yogurt in glass containers versus plastic or if this is simply a marketi... (read more) 3.0/5.0

organic berkeleybowl yogurt banana mango dairy traderspointcreamery 3.0
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Traderspoint Creamery Raspberry Yogurt: Small glass jar with a gold foil top containing European-style organic yogurt. Seems to be perpetually on sale at Berkeley Bowl, probably because it's not as filling as other yogurts (because of its size), costs more (probably because of the packaging), and has a thin consistency that's even more watery than typical non-Greek yogurt. Leans more towards a soup than a yogurt. The flavor is decent but mostly familiar. 2.5/5.0

yogurt dairy organic raspberry traderspointcreamery 2.5 berkeleybowl
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Clover organic peach Greek yogurt: I've always wondered why fruit-on-the-bottom peach yogurt seems to taste the same no matter the brand: it bears some resemblance to peaches but also has a flavor distinct to dairy products. This product is no exception. The yogurt itself is less thick than Fage and also had a more neutral flavor. Purchased from Safeway. 2.5/5.0

clover yogurt greek organic peach dairy 2.5 safeway
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Cadbury dairy milk and sweet biscuit chocolate: A final snack from my flight back from Australia, this milk chocolate bar was possibly the most sweet chocolate I've had. The sweet biscuits added a crunchy texture but also even more sweetness. 1.5/5.0

chocolate cadbury milkchocolate candy 1.5 avoid dairy milk sweet biscuit
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Liberté coconut yogurt: A rich, dessert-like yogurt made with whole milk. Contains coconut pulp on the bottom. Sweet. Whole milk + coconut = 44% saturated fat. Nonetheless, it was filling and quite good. 3.5/5.0

liberte yogurt coconut dairy organic fruit 3.5 libert