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Beans Family garlic green peas: Chinese dried peas snack with a potent garlic flavor. Unfortunately, the peas themselves have an unsatisfying texture that's simultaneously greasy and dry. 2.0/5.0

munchpak greenpeas asian garlic chinese beanfamily 2.0 beansfamily green peas
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I-Mei coconut milk wafer roll: Similar in texture to rolled wafers like the pirouline but in a more convenient, flat packaging. The wafer is thin and crispy, and the filling is creamy and not too sweet. Decent dessert. 3.5/5.0

imei coconut asian hmart 3.5 taiwanese recommended milk wafer roll
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Wei-Chuan lotus seed paste buns: I love mantou, a Chinese steamed bun often consumed for breakfast. I recently purchased this Taiwanese lotus seed filled bun from Hmart and am a huge fan. The filling is very lightly sweetened (2g of sugar), and after about 10 minutes of steaming, the bread is pillowy yet slightly chewy. It's very difficult to find a brand of filled frozen buns that isn't insanely sweet, and these were also reasonably priced. 4.5/5.0

hmart exceptional frozen chinesetaieanese weichuan lotusseed 4.5 breakfast asian lotus seed paste buns
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Maruesun dried squid: I grew up eating shredded dried squid, but this is one of the first kind of I've had that is flat. To be honest, the main reason I purchased this product is because it was the least expensive at $3 a bag (about half the price of the alternatives at Hmart). Inside is bite-sized strips of squid, almost like eating beef jerky, and each strip is coated in what seems to be sugar. Overall, the coating makes the snack overly sweet, though the chewy texture and seafood flavor come through. Not bad b... (read more) 3.0/5.0

squid seafood hmart maruesu japanese asian maruesun dried 3.0
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Tao Kae Noi kimchi flavored Super Crisp: This is the last of the Tao Kae Noi line of grilled seaweed snacks I had yet to try from my local Hmart. The umami-rich flavor has a great balance of savory and sweet. The spicy kimchi taste builds and lingers. A uniquely crispy and substantial seaweed snack. 3.5/5.0

taokaenoi seaweed hmart recommended kimchi korean asian snack tasty food umami 3.5 flavored super crisp
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I Mei Pudding Choco Roll: Individually wrapped chocolate covered wafer crisp filled with a soft pudding-flavored interior. Similar in some ways to a Twix without caramel and with a much flakier cookie element. Sweetness is spot on, with just 6g of sugar per piece. Pudding is pronounced but not overwhelming, filling melts in your mouth. An excellent sweet treat at a very reasonable price. Purchased from H Mart. 4.0/5.0

recommended chocolate pudding wafer sweets hmart taiwanese asian imei 4.0 choco roll