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Acme Valley Strawberry Ice Cream: This ice cream was available for free through a promotion at PCC, a PNW co-op that's kind of like a more expensive Whole Foods with local produce and products. I don't generally shop there but thought I'd take advantage of the free pint. Acme is a Washington-based company that advertises its ice cream as Full Strength with "one-of-a-kind rich taffy-like texture." Unfortunately, it isn't like Turkish ice cream, which is what I thought it looked like from the photograph on the label, but it is most definitely full-strength in that it's extremely rich (14g of saturated fat) and has a substantial amount of sugar (32g per serving). I don't mind rich foods if the calories seem worth it, but overall, while the strawberry flavor was quite good, it lacked any tartness and was overly rich for my taste. I think at full price, it's about $6 a pint – at this price point and quality, I think there's better out there. 3.0/5.0

icecream PCC acmevalley strawberry ice cream 3.0