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Tohato Milky Caramel Corn: To prevent the spread of COVID, all drinking fountains were disabled, and all restaurants were closed at Narita International Airport. The only place to buy food in Terminal 1 was at their Lawson convenient store, which sold a variety of packaged snacks. I hadn't seen this Milky version of Caramel Corn, based on the popular condensed-milk-flavored candies, so I got it to eat for breakfast before my flight. The puffed corn took on the flavor of milk candy remarkably well, tasting like a creamier, sweeter version of the normal caramel corn, this time with a combination of curl and ball-shaped pieces. It gets overwhelmingly sweet the more you eat of it (which you could imagine would be the case for a candy-flavored snack), but is decent if you're looking for a slightly different take on caramel corn. Note that caramel corn in Japan isn't like caramel popcorn in the US - there's no sticky coating and it's generally less sweet, but it's definitely still a dessert. 3.0/5.0

japanese tohato milky caramel corn 3.0