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Doraemon Cafe Grapefruit and peach cream soda: I had planned to go to the “Doraemon” museum from before I came to Japan (technically the Fujiko Fujio museum, the artist who created Doraemon) since the robot cat is a favorite from my childhood. Last weekend, I finally got a solo ticket from Lawson after accepting I wouldn’t be able to convince any of my friends to go all the way out to Kanagawa, about an hour from Tokyo. I ended my trip at the small yet lovely museum with a trip to their cafe, ordering their Doraemon grapefruit and peach cream soda which is a shocking artificial blue color. The drink comes with a paper insert with Doraemon whiskers along with a Maraschino cherry so you can pretend to be the namesake character. The fruit combination is unusual, but I can’t say I could really tell what it was— you could taste some citrus, but it generally reminded me of a fruitier ramune. Definitely memorable more for its appearance than its taste. 2.5/5.0

Kanagawa japanese drinks doraemoncafe grapefruit peach cream soda 2.5 novelty