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Sogetsu Kuromatsu Doriyaki: This doriyaki was an unexpected special gift from someone I met who knew about my snack blog. Because it was given to me, I didn't get to visit the shop directly, but the red bean pancake comes from Sogetsu, an almost 100-year-old brand whose shop in Kita-Ku attracts very long lines. The doriyaki has a marbled color, which is where its name Kuromatsu (black pine) comes from, as it resembles the bark of a tree. This coloring comes from a combination of brown sugar and honey used in the batter, which gives it a uniquely sweet flavor and rich flavor. What really stood out to me was how moist the pancakes were – they were certainly the most moist doriyaki I've ever had. Anko bean paste, textured with pieces of soft red bean, is generous and sweet, but the dominant sweetness comes from the honey. This confectionary shop wasn't on my radar, so I'm so glad to have had the chance to try it – without even having to wait in line! 4.5/5.0

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