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今川焼千駄木 Imagawayaki red been wheel cake : I took a detour on my daily walk and came across this small shop with a decently sized line. Since there are no tourists in Japan right now, lines are for sure signs of a local favorite. The little stand only sells imagawayaki, which are enclosed wheel-shaped pancakes filled with red bean. They have three flavors on the menu: red bean, custard, and one other that I couldn't figure out through direct translation (しるあん), and all of them are made to order using a traditional Japanese mold. They only cost 100¥, or a dollar each, and they come out super warm. It has a browned outer coating and chewy pancake-like filling underneath, and the red bean is sweet but very satisfying. I felt it would be a shame to wait to eat until after I got home, so I was extremely rude by Japanese standards and consumed it while walking home (people do not eat on the street in Japan). For $1, it's an amazing deal - excited to go back and try the custard version! 4.5/5.0

exceptional sendagi japanese dessert tokyo imagawayaki red been wheel cake 4.5