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Le Cafe De Joël Robuchon Peach Bread with Pistachio Crumble: I actually purchased this bread back in June but realized I never wrote a review. This is from the Le Cafe de Joel Robuchon located on the ground floor of NEWoMan in Shinjuku; it's hard to miss as it's right at the entrance of the shopping mall, with a portrait of Joel Robuchon on the window. The pastries are a bit pricier than normal Japanese bakeries, but the quality is unsurprisingly good. I purchased a seasonal bread that was topped with a remarkable buttery nut crumble both savory and sweet. The exterior of the pastry was flaky and crispy but the inside was very soft and had a generous helping of tart peach slices. The bakery had a wide selection of savory and sweet options, along with sandwiches and lunch items. Have been hoping to come back to try another option, though I haven't walked around downtown Shinjuku in months, as it's one of the more crowded spots in Tokyo... 4.0/5.0

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