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牧場の瓶ヨーグルト 宮崎 ひゅうが夏 : This is the second time I had a hyuganatsu snack, a seasonal Japanese citrus fruit available in the summers. Though I haven't had the actual fruit, the flavor was quite consistent across the two flavored yogurts I've tried. This brand of yogurt came in a very cute glass jar, the type whose rim is small enough that it requires the use of dainty miniature spoon. It was very creamy and quite rich, probably made using full-fat milk, and had a slightly floral, lemon-like flavor. The texture of the yogurt was custard-like, with a soft bounce. It cost about $2.50 USD. Definitely more of a dessert yogurt but quite solid! 3.5/5.0

recommended yogurt japanese citrus 宮崎 ひゅうが夏 3.5