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Morinaga Chestnut Cake: The Japanese snack aisle is full of seasonal items, and it looks like we're now in chestnut season, with a variety of chestnut-flavored cakes and desserts. I purchased the Japanese version of Choco Pies from popular brand Morinaga, consisting of a circular cake base filled with a layer of creme and covered in chocolate. Overall, I prefer the texture of Choco Pies, whose cake is less crumbly (most of the individually wrapped cakes in my Morinaga box were not in one piece when opened), and the chocolate is thinner and more structural with the Choco Pies as well. I didn't really like the chestnut cream flavor, which had a slight roasted flavor (similar to coffee), but was overall too rich for me and tasted mostly of cream. 2.0/5.0

japanese inegaya morinaga chestnut cake 2.0