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Meiji Essel Super Cup MInt Chocolate Chip Ice Cream: As far as flavor goes, this is a pretty standard mint ice cream, the type that's white rather than seafoam green and has thin slivers of chocolate throughout rather than chocolate cubes. The main reason I'm writing this review is for the size of the ice cream, which is a standard single-size serving you see everywhere in Japan. Even in normal grocery stores, I haven't seen gallon or even normal-sized pints. This container is slightly larger than the ice cream cups you'd get a field day growing up in the states. It's another example of single-serving portion sizes that are characteristic of Japanese grocery shopping more generally, everything from single-serving pre-packaged vegetables (like a pack of string beans with literally 8 beans) to ground meat (~1/4 lb pre-packaged cases). This must be one of the many reasons Japanese people tend to be so trim! 3.0/5.0

icecream japanese meiji essel super cup mint chocolate chip ice cream 3.0