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Lotte Chocolate Caramel Choco Pie in Ginza : The iconic snack Choco Pie from Korean brand Lotte is available in most places shops in Japan. This particular Ginza chocolate caramel cake flavor is part of a special edition "around the world" series which takes iconic desserts from various cities around the world. For example, it previously featured the NYC cheesecake. I've never actually heard of a Tokyo-specific chocolate caramel cake (and a quick Google Search comes up empty). This is a very decadent Choco Pie, with chocolate cake interior and a caramel flavored creme, all covered in a thin layer of chocolate. Definitely for chocolate lovers. I'm not really particular to chocolate, to be honest, and personally prefer the more satisfying marshmallow-like consistency of the classic Choco PIe. The packaging, though, is very nice (it features a black-and-white Tokyo skyline. (Note that packaging does not factor into the score of the snack.) 3.0/5.0

japanese desserts inegaya lotte chocolate caramel choco pie in ginza 3.0