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Luna Vanilla Yogurt with Summer Hyuganatsu Citrus: This brand of yogurt comes in 3-packs, all with a different primary-colored label. Unfortunately, my inability to read Japanese made it impossible to know what those colored labels meant, but this particular yellow one shows a bear hugging a large yellow-colored fruit resembling a pomelo, which I assumed to be the flavor. Only after doing some research after I got home did I find that the fruit is a Hyuganatsu, which is a type of Japanese citrus hybrid between a yuzu and pomelo. I was surprised by how rich the texture and flavor of the yogurt is, which tastes like it's probably made with full-fat milk and is more reminiscent of a custard dessert than a light breakfast snack. Its most dominant flavors are vanilla along with a floral flavor verging on perfume-y; without knowing what hyuganatsu is, I would not have guessed there was a citrus component. That being said, now I want to find one of these citrus fruits to see exactly how they taste. 3.0/5.0

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