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Mont Thabor Hokkaido Milk Bread: I found the picture I took of the Hokkaido Milk Bread from Mont Thabor, a neighborhood bakery in Azabu Juban in Tokyo. One characteristic I've noticed of most bakeries in Tokyo that aren't chains like Starbucks is that they don't normally have any seating, with the idea that customers purchase items to eat at home. Unlike America, where it is normal for people to eat or drink while walking, in Japan, this is considered rude, so even if you purchase say a soft drink at a convenience store, you would not consume it until you are at home or in a place where you can sit down and drink it. Anyway, that's why this photograph is taken from home (which is why the drying rack is visible in the background). The bread has a lightly and fluffy consistency that's stretchy and easy to tear. The top has a sweetened crumble with a baked, crispy texture. The milk bread is about 3/4 servings but refrigerates pretty well (I ate it over the course of two days). It's the most popular item from the shop and definitely my favorite of all the options I tried at the shop! 3.5/5.0

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