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Hobson's Tofu Ice Cream: Hobson's is an Americana-inspired ice cream shop in Roppongi, decorated with blue and white checkboard and featuring American pop music from David Bowie and the like. It's decor is verging on kitchy but also has a bit of charm. While it's clearly American-inspired, it offers Japanese flavors like green tea, tofu, and yuzu. I got the tofu ice cream, which I really wanted to like, but to be honest it was some of the worst ice cream wise, mostly because of the texture. As tofu is itself a watery ingredient, they definitely didn't add enough of a binder to hold it together - it had a very strange crumbly texture that kept breaking off from my spoon. I think 1/5 of the ice cream ended up on the table. The flavor itself is mild - somewhat nutty but more bland than anything. 1.0/5.0

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