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Gomaya Kuki Sesame Ice Cream: This is a rare spot I had actually bookmarked before arriving in Japan in my search for top ice cream shops. At Gomaya Kuki, off of a side street in Shibuya, you have only the choice between black and white sesame ice cream, but each comes in three varieties. For the black sesame, you can choose between triple rich, rich, and salted, while for the white sesame, they have triple rich, rich, and chunky multigrain. I decided to try the triple rich black and chunky multigrain. On the side are black and white sesame seeds and some honey you can use to dress your ice cream. Both had solid sesame flavor but were actually sweeter, even on their own, than I expected. Texture-wise, I think they also (particularly the triple rich black) could have been more smooth (they had some icy bits). The black sesame had a bit of a deeper, grainier flavor than the white sesame, which was a little more mild. It cost 500 yen for the two scoops, a little under $5, which is actually kind of expensive as far as Japanese sweets go. Overall, it was pretty good, but not close to the best sesame ice cream I've had, which has admittedly been from restaurants in NYC rather than ice cream shops. 3.0/5.0

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