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Snowdays So Seoulful shaved ice: Snowdays is a shaved ice dessert chain in NYC. Over time, they've expanded their menu and also store concept; now, most also stock various Asian snacks in a convenience-store-like format alongside their shaved ice. I went to the shop in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, on the edge of Sunset Park and ordered their So Seoulful, a combination of black sesame shaved ice, a spoonful of red bean, segments of vanilla waffle cookie, and a drizzle of thick peanut syrup. The black sesame shaved ice was very light in texture but had a well rounded sweet and savory sesame flavor. I could have done without the toppings, which were very sweet, but overall they weren't bad - just exactly what you would expect them to taste like. Still, I liked the flavor combination of peanut butter with red bean, which I hadn't had before. You can also build your own version, so it's totally possible to customize to your tastes, with or without toppings. 3.5/5.0

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