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Trader Joe's Neapolitan Puffs Cereal: I like beans a lot, but I didn't expect to have them in my cereal. I unknowing purchased this bean-based cereal from Trader Joe's (I bought them because I was intrigued by the idea of Neapolitan cereal). It's made with a combination of chickpea, navy bean, and pinto bean powder along with brown rice. The crunch is heartier than normal corn and rice-based cereal (such as Kix, though the puffs are similar in size) and I can definitely taste that the cereal has "something" extra underneath the largely berry-flavored coating. I would attribute that extra flavor to the brown rice - I wouldn't guess that it contains beans if I had no idea. Flavor-wise, it's so-so. I'm not really a fan of freeze dried strawberries, and it's the predominant flavor, though the chocolate flavor does seep into a bowl of milk to create a very light chocolate milk. If you like Oops All Berries cereal, then you might like this, if you can also get over the brown rice aftertaste. Otherwise, it's a pass. 2.5/5.0

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